Benefit Solutions Group

Our innovative approach to group health insurance is designed to maximize savings, enhance coverage, and simplify the entire insurance experience for our clients.

Our Strategy


Current Benefit Review

Our experienced professionals will analyze your existing plan design and details for all of the benefits you currently offer, if any. By using our analytical  approach, we are able to achieve deeper insights into the best solutions for your organization.


Evaluating Costs

Our evaluation process helps us to evaluate costs for both employers and their employees to identify areas where savings are possible as well as improving benefits.


Compare Your Options

Once we've completed a thorough analysis of your current benefits and costs, we'll help you compare the best options and find solutions that fit your organization's needs.


Implementation & Support

We don't just provide insurance solutions—we handle the entire implementation process, making it effortless for you. From managing the entire enrollment process to seamlessly integrating your new strategy to create a cohesive experience akin to a traditional group health insurance plan. 

Key Advantages

No More Annual Group Plan Renewals: Say goodbye to the hassle of yearly renewals by switching to our defined contribution plan.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Experience up to a 90% reduction in administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.
Personalized Advisors: Our team of advisors are here to guide your employees through every step of the process.

Multiple Plan Choices: Employees have a choice of plan options tailored to their exact needs and preferences.

Eliminate COBRA Administration: Simplify benefit management by eliminating the complexities of COBRA administration.

Know your options!

The world of insurance can be a complicated place. By combining analytics with experienced professionals we help employers and employees identify the best options.

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