Bart Gaunt

Jeff Boston

Our Story

How we started. 

At Benefit Solutions Group, our journey began with a simple realization: traditional health insurance models weren't always aligned with the needs of employers or employees. With premiums and deductibles rising annually, it became clear that a fresh approach was needed.

Drawing from our deep-rooted experience in the insurance industry, we observed a gap in employers not able to take advantage of a strategy that would allow both them as employers and their employees to save money and obtain better benefits. We realized implementing this strategy without expert support would be very challenging. So we set out to uncover methods offering relief.

This strategy is a shift from a defined benefit (traditional group plans) strategy to a defined contribution (fixed budget) strategy. This not only allows us to promise significant cost savings—up to 45% or more compared to traditional approaches—but also the opportunity to provide better benefits for employees. 

Since our beginnings, we've had the privilege of accompanying businesses and employees on this transformative journey. It's been a rewarding journey, marked by the satisfaction of seeing businesses and employees save tremendously on healthcare costs while enhancing benefits.

Save up to 45% or more on your current group health plan.

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